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About Us

Our Mission

Making an Impact

Here at Shewa-Ber, impact is not an arm of our business, it is our business, and it permeates everything we do, from what we source to who we hire and how to support local communities. We want to make an impact and leave people better than we found them, and we tailor our approach in each market to reflect the need of the community.

Shewa-Ber, which roughly translates to "A Gate to central Ethiopia"

Shewa-Ber crew are proud to bring the vibrant cuisine and culture of Ethiopia to Seattle with time-honored methodologies and warm hospitality.

Eating INJERA by hand is a cultural experience that everybody should take part in at least once in their life.

Meet the Team

We craft the best Ethiopian / Eritrean menus in the city. Our restaurant is simply beyond a restaurant. It is a legacy to our family, keeping the family tradition and keeping the authenticity of the food plus showing the culture of Ethiopia.

Mike Tsega G. - Co-Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Ethiopia where he learned unwritten recipes and classic serving techniques from his mother who she owned and ran a restaurant business for the past 45 years. Growing as a kid near and around restaurants, as getting to teen age hunging out in the kitchen with his mother, as an adult taking over the business and managing it for some years gives him the passion and the knowledge to create and run good restaurants.

What We Offer

Authentic Cuisine

Here at Shewa-Ber, dining is characterized by sharing food from a common plate, signifying the bonds of loyalty, family, love and friendship.

Fresh Ingredients

We feel a responsibility to protect the future of real food, and are committed to supporting small and mid-size growers who are farming sustainably

Delicious Meals

Each of our dishes are prepared with an array of unique spices. Check out all our mouthwatering dishes that we offer.


Vegetarian & Vegan

We provide a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals. Traditionally, we prepare many authentic Ethiopian dishes that are vegan without the use of any animal product.

Full-Service Bar

We make every night special! We have a variety selection of drinks from local draft beers to imported beers and wines. Come in and try our selection.

Genuine Roasted Coffee

From roasting the green coffee beans over an open flame, to grinding and brewing. Shewa-Ber coffee brewing brings you a genuine coffee experience!